Dolls for Sale AKA Les ebranlées 1972

Dolls for Sale AKA Les ebranlées 1972

Directed by: Jesus Franco

Actors: Luis Barboo, Jesus Franco, Kali Hansa, Anne Libert

Language: French

Country: France

Also known as: Les ebranlées, Maison du vice, Vibrating Girls

Description: Howard Vernon stars as private detective Al Pereira in this sexually-explicit thriller directed by Jesus Franco, here using the pseudonym “Clifford Brown”. Another variation on themes introduced in Cartas Boca Arriba (1966), this sleazier Pereira vehicle has the detective tracing his nemesis Radeck after finding a prostitute with a slashed throat and a warning scrawled on the wall in her blood. Betrayal, blackmail, and graphic sex — including lesbianism — ensue.

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