Canne Mozze 1977

Canne Mozze 1977

Directed by: Mario Imperoli

Actors: Antonio Sabato, Ritza Brown, John Richardson

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Also known as: 4 lepta gia 4 ekatommyria dollaria, Il bandito dalle canne mozze


The film Canne mozze takes place in a godforsaken small village where issues of honor still exist, and people wear artificial moustaches and speak with a Sicilian accent. The sun-baked landscape seems appropriate for a spaghetti western duel. Blind corners hide terrible and bloody ambushes. Director Mario Imperoli does not worry excessively about morals here, as demonstrated by his obvious sympathy for the bandit (Antonio Sabato), despite murdering an innocent police officer. The female lead is none other than the attractive Ritza Brown, with an intense gaze and a sinuous body. The concluding slaughter has appeared unavoidable since the first strike.

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