Thrilling Story 1975 Giochi erotici di una famiglia per bene

Thrilling Story 1975 Giochi erotici di una famiglia per bene

Directed by: Francesco Degli Espinosa

Actors: Donald O’Brien, Erika Blanc, Malisa Longo

Language: Spanish dubbed(Eng subs provided)

Country: Italy

Also known as: Giochi erotici di una famiglia per bene (original title) Juegos eroticos amorales

Description: A well-known detractor of divorce, Riccardo, returns home one evening to catch his adulterous wife, Elisa (Malisa Longo) with her lover, who manages to escape through the window unseen. Riccardo, determined on revenge, drugs his wife while making love, stuffs the body in a sack and dumps it in the lake. As the sack catches on the embankment, he is nearly spotted by a passer-by.
Later, Riccardo meets a young woman, Eva (Erica Blanc) and they become lovers. One day, Barbara (Maria D´Incoronato), Riccardo´s 16-year old niece turns up asking for her aunt Elisa. She is told that Elisa is away on a cruise, but the young girl seems unconvinced. Then the telephone rings, and it is Barbara who manages to pick it up. A stunned Riccardo listens as the girl seems to be having a conversation with his murdered wife. Disturbed, Riccardo confides to Eva that he has been having hallucinations about Elisa and soon afterwards, apparently overwrought, he commits suicide. In the thriller Giochi erotici di una famiglia per bene also stars a famous Malisa Longo, who played in the famous horror film Cat in the Brain

Then Elisa turns up alive and well and joins Eva, who was none other than the lover narrowly escaping Riccardo at the beginning. Obviously it wasn´t Elisa´s body that got dumped either. Certain now to have Riccardo´s wealth without his fastidious presence, the two women abandon themselves in a bout of lovemaking. But then Riccardo appears, also very much alive, in the doorway with young Barbara, who in turn has been Riccardo´s lover and accomplice.
Two swift shots of a gun and the lesbian lovers are now two more sacks on the road to the lake. As they drive to the cliffs overlooking the lake, Riccardo starts to feel drowsy and stops the car. Not surprisingly, he falls asleep, drugged by the double-crossing young girl. She sets the car in motion towards the edge of the cliffs. But before she will find herself in sole possession of Riccardo´s money, there is one more twist to be played out…

Review: Professor Ricardo Rossi (Donald O’Brien – Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals) always extremely sensitive about issues of honor, so knowing about his wife immediately started divorce proceedings. But she calmed down and did not wait for the end of the court, brazenly continuing to lead the lovers right in front of her husband yet. Unable to withstand such impudence, Ricardo kills incorrect. Tormented by pangs of conscience for the first time in his life he seeks relief in the arms of a prostitute. Eve is all understanding woman and quickly took a place in the life of a professor murdered his wife. But here’s the problem – it starts to appear before the eyes of the murderer and constantly making phone calls. And then there was suddenly raided by the niece of the late … Nothing to do but start slowly going crazy …

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