Orgasmo esotico 1982

Orgasmo esotico 1982

Directed by: Mario Siciliano

Actors: Marina Hedman, Sonia Bennett and Giuseppe Curia

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Also known as: Orgasmo Erotico

Description: Orgasmo Erotico is a giallo/porn hybrid directed by Joe Damato (Anabolyzer and Absurd) & Mario Siciliano. This film is a succession of scenes from horror to dark gothic to hardcore. Between sexual violence and torture, the movie plays with a very loose script. There certainly are many of D’Amato’s themes on view: voyeurism, cannibalism, sadistic psychos, sex slaves, lesbianism, etc. Most of the actors are ones he usually works with and most of the music is also taken from his other films.

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