Burn the Bridges 2007 Quemar las naves

Burn the Bridges 2007 Quemar las naves

Directed by: Francisco Franco Alba

Actors: Irene Azuela, Juan Carlos Barreto, Bernardo Benítez, Ricardo Blume

Language: Spanish (English subs)

Country: Mexico

Also known as: Quemar las naves, Felégetett hidak, Brûler les ponts

Description of Burn the Bridges film: Brother and sister Sebastian and Helen live in a big beautiful house next to his mother, who is dying of cancer. In the past, the singer, now – a woman suffering from pain, there are remnants of the former beauty and strength.

Elena – explosive, Sebastian – the calm. They are opposites, but that their relationship only smaller and tighter. Elena learns English and dreams of Canadian snow, Sebastian draws. Their life is not an easy call. Elena has to grow up early, because it takes care of his mother and brother. Sebastian tries to find solace in painting.

Once Sebastian met at school with an unusual guy Juan. It affects his courage and independence. Perhaps Juan Sebastian finds something lacking to him. Between flashes feeling that dramatically changes the relations of the brother and sister.

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