Tempo 2003

Tempo 2003

Directed by: Eric Styles

Actors: Melanie Griffith, Rachael Leigh Cook, Hugh Dancy

Language: English

Country: Canada,France,Luxembourg,UK

Also known as: Tempo – Uma Questão de Sobrevivência

Description: Young American Jenny (Melanie Griffith – Lolita and Fear City) arrives in Paris and gets a job in a jewelry store. One day she meets a charming and nice guy Jack and unconsciously falls in love with him. Jenny does not know that her lover has not romantic plans for the future …

Review: This film can be described in three words: pass, pass, pass. Perhaps these melodramas with a bias crime remove several hundred per year. And this picture is not the worst option – and not seen it.

But the plot is weak, with a jammed into holes cinematic cliches and no sane plot denied when viewing pleasure.

“Tempo” and at the same time strives to be a crime drama and thriller, and action-film and melodrama, while managing to not fit into any of the categories. Who is to blame? Writer, perhaps. Very Useful acting and directing normal, but there was nothing to play. “Tempo” in the film is just something not there.

For the fact that the film did not cause irritation +1.

Nothing in this film is not, the movie is pretty average, of which there are many, but this can not call it unwatchable.

Melanie Griffith in the role of an aging woman looking for endless adventure in your head … Hugh Dancy – a young gigolo, supporting an aging heroine Griffith mentally and physically, Rachel Leigh Cook – a young girl working in a jewelry store, in which the hero accidentally meets Dancy.

In general, the well-known theme of a love triangle with a criminal tinge. Throughout the film’s knot (or a loop around the necks of characters) is tightened tighter and curious to know the history of isolation, however, the second time the film is hardly want to reconsider, without intrigue he Pres.

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