I Dreamt Under the Water 2008

I Dreamt Under the Water 2008

Directed by: Hormoz

Actors: Hubert Benhamdine, Caroline Ducey, Christine Boisson

Language: French | English and Hard English Subed

Country: France

Also known as: J’ai rêvé sous l’eau

Description: Antonin – a budding musician . He is in love with a guy , Alex , also a musician of them are not too well-known group . But once his love for this guy is shattered when Alex died in his arms from an overdose , and he plunges into the night world of Paris, in debauchery, in anonymous sex, a one-night , in prostitution , begin using drugs .. He met with Juliette , but soon realizes that she emotionally unstable, and tears with her. One guy offers him a job in his video store , and after some hesitation Antonin agrees. At this time, his new boss, with whom he also had sex , showing more attention to it …

Review: Here is a love story unlike many others. You have Antonin, a lonely guy looking for love in all the wrong places (pun maybe intended?). His best male friend does not agree with the kind of love Antonin wants to give and recieve. In order to make ends meet, he ends up being a gigilo for men. Enter a girl that he maybe could be happy with forever, but another man enters and kind of screws up everyone’s hopes. A confrontation occurs, with nothing much settled, except that life goes on, for at least a little while.

Some may call this an “art film” but I dislike the way the term is used to describe anything that does not recieve rave reviews, high hits on IMDB, or slow and dark scenes. What it is, is a bisexual “I want to be loved by others for who I am even though I have no idea who or what that is” (and doesn’t that sound like ol’ Chucky Manson during his trial?).

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