Bubu 1972

Bubu 1972

Directed by: Mauro Bolognini

Actors: Massimo Ranieri, Ottavia Piccolo, Antonio Falsi

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Also known as: Bubu vom Montparnasse, Bubù de Montparnasse, o zigolo tou Montparnasse, Paris’li fahise

Description:Bertha, a simple girl falls in love with a simple guy Bubu. He throws work in a bakery, causing Bert to engage in prostitution, and has since been living on the money she earns on the panel. Young found their place in the world of prostitutes and pimps. But the basis of this life: the lack of prospects deadly and incurable infection…

Filmed by Mauro Bolognini, who also directed Splendid November movie

Review: Author of the original novel by Charles-Philippe was a native of the lower classes of society, of those who are called the lumpen proletariat, and filmed Bolognini book “byubyu from Montparnasse” tells about the life of this particular social stratum. Unvarnished and melodramatic. Also the characters in the film – just weak people, not just capable, but do not want to change their lives, to escape from the bottom. Bubu away from the bakery to live at the expense of her friend Bertha. That becomes a prostitute because I did not want to make a living as a laundress. A poor student, Piero loves Bert, but makes no attempt to get her out of the quagmire sucking, because it is necessary to overcome the resistance of the medium, to decide on confrontation with bubu, and it destroys his own little world … As a background to these events – Bertha’s disease (syphilis at that time was similar to the current AIDS) bubu arrest for theft, madness sister of the protagonist, the death of her father, actually lost daughters during his lifetime. What else needs to happen to try to change something? But the girl does not even try to do anything to justify themselves by saying that love is a byubyu, whether Piero. But the latter is too weak anchor, and the feelings towards the small rascal byubyu at Bertha if there were once, long ago vanished … And her faint cry for help in the final converted into the void. No one here can not help her, and help-there’s really no one.

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