Lose Your Head (2013)

Lose Your Head (2013)

Title: Lose Your Head
AKA: —
Year: 2013
Original title: Lose Your Head
Runtime: 1 hour, 35 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: English | German | Greek | Spanish
Subtitles: German (hard-subbed) (foreign parts only)
Genre: Thriller

Director: Stefan Westerwelle | Patrick Schuckmann

Fernando Tielve … Luis
Marko Mandic … Viktor
Sesede Terziyan … Elena
Stavros Yagoulis … Kostas
Samia Muriel Chancrin … Grit
Jonás Beramí … Carlos
Jan Amazigh Sid … Dimitri
Roger Baptist … Gregor (as Rummelsnuff)
Claudia Splitt … Jana
Kaspar Kamäleon … Miss Desire
Nico Döring … Rafi
Andreas Stadler … Gerichtsmediziner
Seiichiro Kariya … Japanischer Tourist #1
Ryotetsu Kure … Japanischer Tourist #2
Sarah Effenberger … Dimitris Mitbewohnerin

Plot / Synopsis

Lose Your Head is a psycho thriller about a Spanish party tourist who gets lost in Berlin. The film is inspired by the true story of a young Portuguese man who disappeared some years ago after a night at Berghain. Like thousands of other young tourists, Luis from Madrid arrives in Berlin to spend a carefree summer weekend. After a break-up, Berlin’s infamous club scene seems the ideal place to fuck the pain away, make new friends, and fall in love again. However, Luis’ resemblance to a young Greek student who had gone missing a few weeks ago gets him involved in a series of mysterious events. What starts out like a romantic adventure turns into a desperate chase through the streets as Luis gets more and more lost between paranoia and reality. ~ reelsuspects

A young Spanish man goes to Berlin for some fun only to be sucked into a dangerous, almost hallucinogenic world of sex and violence in this steamy psycho-thriller. Lured by Berlin’s reputation as city with a pulsating night life, young Spaniard, Luis, leaves his boyfriend behind to travel to Berlin eager to indulge in drugs, sex, partying, music, and mindless fun. Somewhat innocent and certainly naïve, wide-eyed Luis is quickly sucked into the dizzying whirlwind of the club scene where he meets up with a strange bohemian crowd, does coke and begins a sexual hook-up/romance with Viktor, a domineering Ukrainian with his own set of hidden problems. After he meets a couple looking for a missing man who bears a striking resemblance to him and after Viktor becomes more menacing, Luis gives in to paranoia as a sense of deteriorating reality begins to overcome him. ~ tlavideo

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