The Sex Adventures of the Three Musketeers 1971

The Sex Adventures of the Three Musketeers 1971

Directed by: Erwin C. Dietrich (as Michael Thomas)

Actors: Peter Graf, Ingrid Steeger, Nadia Pilar

Language: German

Country: West Germany

Also known as: Die Sexabenteuer der drei Musketiere, The Three Musketeers and Their Sexual Adventures, Le piccanti avventure dei tre moschettieri


D’Artagnan is on his way to join the musketeers, only to discover out to his frustration that their lifetime is more a life of debauchery than one of epic actions. That is the concept underlying this movie, and as far as ideas for sex movies go it is a relatively good one. Sadly, this might be simply about the only ‘fairly good’ thing about this film.

The content had not been created beyond that initial idea and therefore neither d’Artagnan nor the film are truly going anywhere. To fill the moments lacking from function film duration, scenes from another film (most likely an unfinished one) have been edited into this movie and are offered to the viewers as stories informed by the musketeers.

On the goof part, the scenes showing the musketeers traveling through the forests not only fail to demonstrate the horses (except in long distance shots), certainly the digital camera angle enables the audience to spot the top of the appliance on which the saddles are installed – and it’s neither alive nor moving.

It’s additionally apparent that the cinematographers didn’t use a dolly – in this films camera motion is constantly in angles, the camera never ever uses an action.

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