Frustration 1971

Frustration 1971

Directed by: José Bénazéraf

Actors: Janine Reynaud, Michel Lemoine and Elizabeth Teissier

Language: English

Country: French

Also known as: Frustrated Woman, The Chambermaid’s Dream

Description: José Bénazéraf’s (Bordel SS and Adolescence pervertie) career began in the early sixties with sexy thrillers that established his reputation as a man to watch. Once upon a time he was the darling of the critics, his name a trademark for provocative and classy cinema. The New York Herald Tribune said he was “as important as Godard and Resnais”, and Henris Langlois, founder of the famous Cinematheque, announced that “his films are like rivers carrying stones that are absolute gems.”

But that was then, and now he’s pretty much forgotten. His downfall came fast and can be traced to that period in the mid-seventies when censorship loosened, giving him the freedom to do exactly what he wanted, which meant move deeper into the taboo territory of eroticism…

Frustration is one of his strongest films…as with Bunuel’s Belle De Jour, which it resembles in some ways, there is no easy distinction made between fantasy and reality in Frustration.”

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