The Savior AKA Le sauveur 1971

The Savior AKA Le sauveur 1971

Directed by: Michel Mardore

Actors: Horst Buchholz, Muriel Catalá, Hélène Vallier and Roger Lumont

Language: French

Country: France

Also known as: Le sauveur, El Salvador, Savas ve kadin, The Saviour

Description: Summer of 1943. 14 year old girl Nanette (Muriel Catalá who played in the movie Nun and the Devil), living with her parents on a remote farm in France. One day, while walking through the forest, she meets a young man with a tucked leg. He did not want to meet with the authorities, who cooperate with the Germans, and Nanette covers him in the attic of her house. A few days later he told her that he is an English officer, who is looking for communication with the Resistance. While her parents work in the fields. she is preparing for the exams, and they are walking in the woods, talk about politics, swim naked. After some time, the stranger disappears and Nanette learns the shocking truth …

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