The Everlasting Secret Family 1988

The Everlasting Secret Family 1988

Directed by: Michael Thornhill

Actors: Arthur Dignam, Mark Lee, Heather Mitchell

Language: English

Country: Australia

Also known as: Segreti inconfessabili, O Senador

Description: Based on the book by renowned Australian politician, “the eternal mystery of the family ” – a controversial film about morality, wealth, sex. Senator and his circle of acquaintances meet unusual “family” , “which secretly recruit young boys from some schools and uses them to realize their sexual desires. One of the boys draws attention senator and one deeper into this unusual world . When Senator leads wife young man decides that if he is old , he will lose the location senator. to avoid this and stay the same charming , young man begins to educate the son of a senator. After 16 years, the son of the influence of his teacher and becomes gay companion , who was also invited to the ” family. ” Both – and Senator , and his son – more fall in love with the guy who has become such an important figure in their lives

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