Dear Irene 1971 Kaere Irene

Dear Irene 1971 Kaere Irene

Directed by: Christian Braad Thomsen

Actors: Mette Knudsen, Steen Kaalø, Agneta Ekmanner

Language: Dannish

Country: Denmarl

Also known as: Kaere Irene, Dear Irene

Description:[Kære Irene] is a oddly Muggeridgian movie assaulting the brand new, intimately liberated society of Denmark from an undoctrinaire Marxist attitude. Thomsen’s individuals have accomplished freedom; certainly they speak about almost absolutely nothing else. They sleep around, they’re unillusioned, they know the limits of the responsibilities. Flesh slaps sullenly on flesh, and after sexual love there is always a container of alcohol to be opened, an appointment to be held, a child and husband to return to. Separation is a condition accepted as unavoidable as life itself. – Jonathan Raben, Brand New Statesman, England.

The movie was originally 106 moments very long. The manager cut about 10 moments of intercourse scenes from his anti-pornography movie some time following the premiere. This is the 96 minute re-cut version of the movie.

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