I Saw Jesus Die 1975 Jeg så Jesus dø

I Saw Jesus Die 1975 Jeg så Jesus dø

Directed by: Ib Fyrsting, Carl Nielsen

Actors: Finn Tavbe

Language: DANISH

Country: DENMARK

Also known as: Jeg så Jesus dø, Det blodige kors , I saw jesus die

Description:Also Jesus can’t save this shite-pile. Clearly, there is an extra bonus to be had from viewing biblical porno… or is there? Additionally the Son of Man can’t rescue this film.

Jesus and his group of furry hairballs star in this Swedish porno strangeness. There’s some castration and torture and whatnot but it’s incredibly amateur and dull.

Hey, Jesus porn seems amazing and even there was some thing lost in translation, but I would have to judge this piece of dirt as unbelievably terrible. It’s not scrap-able in any type and is not persuasive as an offending document of Christianity.

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