Beau Pere AKA Beau-père 1981

Beau Pere AKA Beau-père 1981

Directed by: Bertrand Blier

Actors: Patrick Dewaere, Ariel Besse and Maurice Ronet

Language: French (Eng subs)

Country: France

Also known as: Ausgerechnet ihr Stiefvater, Beau-père, Isäpuoli, Mostohaapa, O Padrasto, Ojczym, Ormai sono una donna, Querido papá, una adolescente en mi vida, Stepfather, Tú me hiciste mujer, Tora pia eimai gynaika.

Description: The wife of the hero of the film is killed in a car accident, leaving the care of 14-year-old daughter on her husband, who is not a a father of this girl. He – her stepfather. He didn’t have in mind about any affairs with her: there are girls much older, than this little girl growing up on her eyes. But he can not do anything with his feelings, and most importantly – with her feelings …

Review: I still have never been so touched and inspired. Film soaked with romanticism and childlike. No matter how hurt and not enough, the film “Lolita” I like less. It certainly is nice. But “Beau Pere” – the film that I’ll make myself, if I was a director. And despite the excessive fading of the plot, some are tight, it’s great. Not so artificially as in “Lolita”, more and more sense to describe the feelings of both love – even very young girls, dreaming the first “real” love, and her stepfather, doubting their feelings, confused between moral principles, fears and choose all-same vicious way. It does not feel like talking, “deceiver” and “his little nymphet”, here I want to say “they love each other.” But it’s still a game. This film is not to describe in words, it must be seen.

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