Im Gasthaus Zum Scharfen Hirschen 1976

Im Gasthaus Zum Scharfen Hirschen 1976

Directed by: Hans Billian

Actors: Karin Lorson, Sepp Gneissl, Christine Szenetra

Language: German

Country: West Germany

Also known as: Zimmermädchen machen es gern, Le porno cameriere, Love Nest, Pukki Hotellissa

Description: «Zimmermädchen machen es gern», as this hardcore xxx version is called, exists in a softcore version called Im Gasthaus Zum Scharfen Hirschen and, according to imdb, most scenes were shot twice, to the point that two actresses switch their roles (one of them presumably refusing to do a part requiring hardcore scenes).
I don’t speak German but this is a typical sexy comedy of the 70s, set in an inn where every member of the staff (and a pretty cat-burglar) is ready to please the guests whenever and however they want. Lots (and I mean lots!) of nudity and softcore sex, including several lesbian and group scenes. I rest my case.

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