Miele di donna 1981 AKA Honey

Miele di donna 1981 AKA Honey

Directed by: Gianfranco Angelucci

Actors: Clio Goldsmith, Catherine Spaak and Fernando Rey

Language: Italian

Country: Italy | Spain

Also known as: Dulce piel de mujer, Fleur de vice, Honey, Honigmund, Miel de mujer, To tzitziki thelei… meli

Description: Classic erotica from 1981 starring sexy Clio Goldsmith and big busted beauty Donatella Damiani in story of an innocent young woman who checks into a hotel leading to many erotic encounters. Dream like, super sexy, and has a great soundtrack as well. Also stars Catherine Spaak, Nieves Navarro (Susan Scott), and Fernando Rey (Casta e pura and Calles sangrientas).

Once, Clio Goldsmith seemed destined to become a star or, at the very least, a sex-symbol, but she only made a handful of movies before she disappeared.Miele di Donna a.k.a. “Honey” is one of her most sexy movies. An erotic novelist (Catherine Spaak) forces at gunpoint a publisher (Fernando Rey) to read her last novel. The story in the book is of course the core of the movie : a naive young woman (Goldsmith) enters a hotel in which she meets a lot of strange people, and most of those encounters end up with her taking her clothes off. Watch for Spanish actress Nieves Navarro as a dominatrix. The movie is sometimes funny, sometimes sexy, sometimes both, but it really belongs to Clio Goldsmith who’s absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end.

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