La regina dei tartari 1960 Queen of Tartars

La regina dei tartari 1960 Queen of Tartars

Directed by: Sergio Grieco

Actors: Chelo Alonso, Jacques Sernas, Folco Lulli

Language: English

Country: Italy | France

Also known as: La regina dei tartari, The Huns

Description:A beautiful warrior queen battles it off with her competitors in this adventure dream set in the 1400s. As a woman, the Hun girl had been orphaned when her tribe’s enemies assault and raze her village. She then is raised by a friendly tribe and with them learns warrior’s means. Complicating her upcoming battle would be that she has dropped in love with the enemy leader.

Despite Alonso’s top billing, the lion’s share of the action is nonetheless done by the guys. Two dudes fight with giant Q-Tips, and it also features a man in a bear costume! The music rating is appropriately epic, the landscapes are sweeping, and there are lots and lots of extras. The story has some interesting themes (the change from barbarism and prejudice to civilization and wisdom), but for the many component it’s too episodic – there is not even a clear goal until midway through the picture. The busty Alonso does look dazzling in her green peplum bikini, though!

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