Man with a Gun 1995

Man with a Gun 1995

Directed by: David Wyles

Actors: Michael Madsen, Jennifer Tilly, Gary Busey

Country: CANADA

Also known as: Hired for Killing, Gun for Hire, Dupla Traição, Engaño mortal, Man with a gun – ammattina tappaja, Me to dahtylo sti skandali, Fegyveres férfi, Balas Certeiras

Description: Michael Madsen in the role of an assassin John Hardin gets an assignment from his mobster Jack Rushton ( Busey ) to kill his wife Rina ( Tilly ) . Rina kidnapped disk information , revealing the machinations of its real estate market. Being a lover of his wife boss , John finds himself in a quandary , especially as he characterizes it as a rattlesnake viper , and she does everything to justify his opinion about it . It would be foolish rasskazyvaet content detective – you will be interesting to watch out for the intricacies of the plot . Missing and shooting – the Madsen always carry three guns . Laurie Finstad – scenario scribe Hugh Ray based on the novel ” The Secret Society ”

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