Jovenes Perversos AKA Perverted Youth 1991

Jovenes Perversos AKA Perverted Youth 1991

Directed by: Roberto Schlosser

Actors: Martha Elena Cervantes, Joaquín Cordero, Edgardo Gazcón, Charlie Massó

Country: Mexico

Description: Jovenes Perveros (Martha Elena Cervantes – Yo fui violada and Intrepidos Punks) is about a young girl who gets brutally raped and humiliated by some snooty rich college kids. After the rape and humiliation, she decides to get revenge on all fuckers that messed with her (including the two rapists of course). This movie is not just a Rape/Revenge. It’s also a “Youth Gone Wild” type of movie since we see the snooty rich college kids acting crazy, doing drugs, drinking, fighting, etc.

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