Come Play With Me 1977

Come Play With Me 1977

Directed by: George Harrison Marks

Actors: Irene Handl, Alfie Bass, George Harrison Marks

Language: English


Also known as: Tule leikkimään kanssani, David Sullivan’s Come Play with Me


It’s the late 70’s and new breed of movie is striking the cinema. A lot of remember the sexy antics associated with “Carry On” movies, but there was clearly ruder, newer, filthier and cruder format of Uk films that highlighted comedy, fused with full-frontal soft-core and nudity pornography. A brand-new certification had been also produced by the UNITED KINGDOM censors with this category of movie…the now famous “X” certificate.

The movie is scheduled in a health farm in Scotland, even though the environment as well as the plot are mostly inconsequential to this film. The movie is most famous for generating a celebrity of Mary Millington (Sue), who had been queen concerning the British soft-core scene during the time, before tragically committing suicide a 12 months later in 1978. Alfie Bass (Kelly) and Irene Handl (woman Bovington) also star within the movie providing the comedic content material with Henry McGee.

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