Let’s Get Laid / Love Trap 1978

Let’s Get Laid / Love Trap 1978

Directed by: James Kenelm

Actors: Fiona Richmond, Robin Askwith, Anthony Steel

Country: UK

Also known as: Love Trap, Sinua halutaan Laid!


A demobbed Gordon, soldier Laid, returning from World War II fulfills Maxine Lupercal, a member of a traveling troupe of stars going back to England regarding the exact same ship. As Gordon closely resembles a member of this troupe of stars, mistaken identification causes him to come to be embroiled in various murders and a worldwide espionage land concerning a smoking lighter that strangely impacts electrical energy. The activity reaches its funny orgasm on phase with Gordon and his double as the spies and the police converge on the theater is a desperate effort to retrieve the missing cigarette lighter.

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