Grave Robbers 1990 Ladrones de tumbas

Grave Robbers 1990 Ladrones de tumbas

Directed by: Ruben Galindo Jr

Actors: Fernando Almada, Edna Bolkan, Erika Buenfil

Country: Mexico

Also known as: Ladrones de tumbas

Description of Grave Robbers movie: Four idlers decided to profit treasure buried in an ancient tomb. Something they found there, but with the silver and gold woke mummy medieval Satanist, once immured in an underground crypt. , Set free, began to kill the ancient devil-right and left, do not forget about the main thing – to catch some virgin and sacrifice her to Satan by all the rules. On his trouble was a virgin daughter of the local police captain, who this choice did not like.

Review: In my opinion this is a much better and serious film than Cemetery of Terror from the same director, Rubén Galindo Jr. Acting, cinematography, music and especially directing/editing have all improved in just few years and while the story isn’t exactly original, the way it throws together ideas and scenes from other films to create it’s own weird tale works surprisingly well. Director’s use of shadows and fog is very atmospheric and and scenes taking place in a haunted and almost abandoned city strongly remind me of Fulci’s City of the Living Dead. Some gore effects look amateurish and the ending is a bit of a letdown but nevertheless this is very recommended.

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