Top Sensation 1969

Top Sensation 1969

Directed by: Ottavio Alessi

Stars: Rosalba Neri, Edwige Fenech, Eva Thulin

Note: Sex scenes ripped from Uncut vhs tape added within the file.

Country: Italy

Also known as: The Seducers, Swinging Young Seductresses, Sklaven ihrer Triebe

Description: The jet-set breaks loose in an orgy of violence and terror. Vastly entertaining and rather sleazy Italian thriller. A sexy vixen Edwige Fenech stars as a prostitute hired by the overbearing,vaguely incestuous mother of a shy,mentally-retarded 20-year old named Tony. Fenech is meant to claim Tonys virginity on a sea cruise,also attended by sexy Paula and her slimy husband Aldo,who incessantly try to curry the wealthy mothers favor.Ewa Aulin shows up as an island girl who dies when the dull-witted Tony accidentally strangles her,leading her husband to board the ship

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