Death in a French Garden 1975

Death in a French Garden 1975

Directed by: Michel Deville

Actors: Anémone, Richard Bohringer, Nicole Garcia

Country: France

Also known as: Death in a french garden, Peril, En farlig forbindelse, Péril en la demeure

Description:A film about the romantic teacher of playing the guitar. His life is all: a sudden passion, contact with cynical murderer, a strange meeting. Finds whether it happiness? This question remains unclear until the very end of the film…

Review: Subtle , elegant, musical movies. Such things retro in the spirit of his time , spiced spicy and unpredictable dialogue scenes .

Actors play perfectly. Some moments seem too fanciful , but this impression is smoothed when the puzzle plot reveals its secrets . Everything seems superficial – at first glance – and very deep, if you pay more attention . Something like an extremely detailed images – at a glance uncomplicated canvas , but if you start to consider – every detail has its own nuances , depth , sharpness , etc.

By the way, I wince at the description of the proposal : “David was saved by a professional assassin Daniel Forrest , who becomes his friend ( but would prefer – lover ) .” Very far-fetched and could alienate many . Shots Daniel Forest in no way erotic , although sometimes it seems a hint . but turn into vulgarity hint can only itself enough vulgar person, because – not to go into the quoted phrase. Nothing there.

Wonderful movie , a true representative of its time , full of style and simplicity at the same time .

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