Body to Body 2003 Corps à corps

Body to Body 2003 Corps à corps

Directed by: François Hanss

Actors: Thibault Seitz, Maurice Lamy, Emmanuelle Seigner

Country: France

Also known as: Body Snatch, Corps à corps

Description of Body to Body movie: They loved each other. They loved each other so we can only imagine in your dreams. Every day they live like the last. But one day their lives, more like a happy tale, changed dramatically.

The clear sky suddenly tightened dark storm clouds. This was the beginning of a nightmare. Something terrible from their past that he concealed from her, suddenly start to appear. Something, what he built their happiness…

Review: Piercing film. Intelligent psychological thriller in the tradition of French cinema. What begins as a love story that develops into a drama, but in the final turns out to be an eerie thriller, in which not a drop of the supernatural. But it still does not calm tremors remaining after viewing. After all, human emotions, the man himself, his nature – the most beautiful and most terrible thing that can happen in this world.

But be that as it may, this film is about love. About love is boundless and unspeakable. About the love that everyone dreams of, and where everyone is afraid to horror. About the love that every second is ready to become insane. When you – not you, when you lose yourself, dissolving in the ones you love. So only the angels know how to love or dog. And some people, fortunately or unfortunately.

The film Corps à corps is also about what can be a kind of love, what it can become, if the object of love taken away. This is not love, it is not even madness, it is something indescribable that only remotely comparable to obsession.

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