Servantes sans Culotte 1979

Servantes sans Culotte 1979

Actors: Mika Barthel, Rachel, Alexandra Sand

Language: French

Country: France

Also known as: Housemaid Without Panties, Chattes en chaleur

Description: When Bernard comes home from work (never-mentioned) he is welcomed by his wife Nincia and her servant Van. He is given a bath and a massage before the evening meal. The two women are Asian (well, better not dwell upon that …) as is the food and everything else in Bernard’s life.
But Nincia fears that Bernard might get tired of her and tells her best friend (Li?) about it. She suggests offering him a second wife, discarding Van who must remain Nincia’s servant. When three girls enter the lounge, we immediately know that the wedding night has come for Bernard who is intoduced to Lo Yan (sounds like Lorianne), Ty Lan (seen only for a few seconds) and the Li. (You would say that this seems to be the perfect time to watch the news on TV. Well no, not this time…). He begins the wedding meal with his new wife but very soon all of the participants start the REAL fiesta!
Ty Lan disappears after a few seconds of blowjob and all the others celebrate the new union and Bernard has more than one opportunitiy to use his – shall we call it? – dipstick. But Bernard has a secret blonde lover and tells her that the best way for them is for her to become acquainted with Nincia(who knows the whole story by following him) who will oficially introduce her to him as a 3rd wife. Nincia pays a visit to the girl and as they get on well, she asks her to become Bernard’s 3rd wife.
When the future bride comes to Bernard’s place, she is welcomed by Nincia and Van and given a bath and massage according to the tradition. The blonde has a few incredulous words about submission to a master but quickly comes round to her two new friends’ arguments.
Wedding party again! A couple of friends who were passing by are invited to join the ceremony. But before that, the female friend is given a ‘bath’ by the host’s two wives while the male friend gets taken care of orally by Van. (Just makes me wonder who the idiot was, who when asked for the typical way of socializing in France, ticked the box apéritif when such a thing as erotic massage by the landlady and her Asian female servant was available! Damn it!)
When the 3rd bride enters the bed room, the party begins. Ever took part in a wedding ceremony involving a newly-wed couple along with the man’s two first wives, a female servant and a couple of friends (better seven in a bedroom than 200 in a Townhall)? The worst time of the evening was probably not the threesome performed by the three wives in front of the two men who are themselves gently handled by the servant and the guest.
Could have been a good film, but the characters act as if frozen stiff. No emotion. No fun. The dialogues are dull and uttered in disembodied dubbed voices. Too bad… As for the music… Well, better turn the sound off once again. Anyway that man should get a television set and some rest. How the hell can one live like that?

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