A Real Young Girl AKA Une vraie jeune fille 1976

A Real Young Girl AKA Une vraie jeune fille 1976

Directed by: Catherine Breillat

Actors: Charlotte Alexandra, Hiram Keller and Rita Maiden

Language: French (Eng subs)

Country: France

Also known as: Ein Mädchen, Ena alithino thyliko, Hontôni wakai musume, Ilk sevisme, L’adolescente, Prawdziwa dziewczyna

Description: All of the most cherished dreams, desires, hopes of a young girl in her natural subconscious desire to become a woman shown in very explicit sex scenes and are absolutely true because during the filming itself Catherine was only 28 years old.

Review: “A Real Young Girl” was inspired by the book with the same title of Catherine Breillat, which, in fact, made this film. Looking back on the right flame around “movies on the books,” Breillat herself changed the course of events in the film, retaining, of course, the meaning and adding color.

The film is made bright, controversial and provocative. In addition, he is an independent. Breillat so tried to invest in the film, all these epithets that were lying on the home movie Marquis de Sade in the archives of 20 or 30 years, tons of banned it. Whether it’s the Middle Ages, Catherine would be burned at the Place de Greve.

The book and film of the issues involved, and that the problem had not previously considered – female sexuality and, most importantly, sexy teenage girl. Breillat pulls up all the things that we call mud, though it is just nature. She is buried in the most base to show, from what people are made of the test proves that female sexuality is perfect, since it is the starting point.

Separate Respect actress who decided on such experiments with my vagina. And Respect Bray, coined just such an ending.

Cruel, dirty, vulgar and beautiful.

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