Yasmine A La Prison De Femmes 2007

Yasmine A La Prison De Femmes 2007

Directed by: Alain Payet

Actors: Anastasia , Yasmine , Nomi , Claudius , Florence , Mike Angelo, Tony Carrera, Jessica Fiorentino

Language: French

Country: France

Also known as:

Description: Yasmine A La Prison De Femmes was directed by Alain Payet who also filmed Escape from Hell and Helltrain

The above places of detention, where she exchanged her sexy clothing against an orange-colored blouse prisoners, Jesse discovers with the other “actors” that in jail, abstinence is not a cardinal virtue and for lack of cocks, you eat pussies +, screws do not make an exception and also do not refuse to offer themselves Sapphic games with the girls, looking for distractions. The headmistress of the school is also very thoughtful for her employees +, it offers their hot pants and penises + Here

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