Hardcore 2004

Hardcore 2004

Directed by: Dennis Iliadis

Actors: Katerina Tsavalou, Danae Skiadi, Ioannis Papazisis and Omiros Poulakis

Language: Greek (English subs)

Country: Greece

Description: The film Hardcore is about four young prostitutes in modern Athens – provocative and fresh look at the oldest profession.

Review: Greek drama about love between two prostitutes and violent world in which they have to survive.

The film begins with the blue skies over the ruined Parthenon, the symbol of Greece, which are pictures on the wall in a brothel. The viewer is returned to earth and make it clear that the film will be shown “another Greece.” The flip side of which opens the door to the world of cheap Greek brothels, drug-prostitutov and greedy pimps. It would seem, how can love be in such a place? It seems that only the two “victims” of society. They are drawn to each other, they protect each other, and it makes them stronger. To gain freedom they have to break with the dark past. But it is not so easy …

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