Aphrodite 1982

Aphrodite 1982

Directed by: Robert Fuest

Actors: Horst Buchholz, Valérie Kaprisky, Catherine Jourdan

Language: English

Country: France | UK | West Germany | Switzerland

Also known as: Afrodita, Afrodite, Afroditi, Aphrodite – Im Wendekreis der Begierde

Description: June 1914, Europe is living in a relatively peaceful world … Company representatives of high society is going on the island owned Russian column – beautiful women loving men. At the initiative of one of the guests of the graph – of a rich gentleman “of unknown origin” by the name of Harry Lert company decides to play a presentation on the book Perry Louis “Aphrodite” …

Review: it’s 1914, clouds of war gather over europe. as if on cue, a group of wealthy hedonists indulge in three days of good old-fashioned debauchery. this dionysian state of affairs is enhanced by the presence of lovely valérie kaprisky. that’s more or less it.

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