Susanna 1996

Susanna 1996

Directed by: Antonio Chavarrías

Actors: Àlex Casanovas, Eva Santolaria, Said Amel

Language: Catalan

Country: Spain

Also known as: Susanna

Description of Susanna:An reckless teenage Spaniard having spent 6 months in jail for embezzlement receives work as a server in a bar restaurant and gets linked to a taken goods racket. The plot line is not especially interesting but the depiction of peoples relationships around cultural obstacles is an fascinating pitch. Susanna (Eva Santolaria) is ripped from a life of safety with her future Muslim spouse Said (Said Amel) and a excited connection with a wedded Spaniard Alex (Alex Casanovas). The love action are ardent and plausible. Parts of the movie are planned e.g. Alex unintentionally departs a blood-stained t-shirt on a desk in the bar after a quick alter into a clean shirt. The stupid authorities don’t even notice this significant clue. I discovered Alex’s attempt to discard of the slaying gun (dagger) though a steel gravel in a narrow street very interesting as he battled with the thick handle in a moment of frustration.

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