Of Love and Other Demons 2009

Of Love and Other Demons 2009

Directed by: Hilda Hidalgo

Actors: Pablo Derqui, Eliza Triana and Jordi Dauder

Language: Spanish

Country: Costa Rica | Colombia

Also known as: Del amor y otros demonios, Of Love and Other Demons, O milosci i innych demonach

Description: Cierva Mary was born into a wealthy aristocratic family and grew up in colonial Cartagena, educated by black servants and slaves. After a dog bite, in girl develops rabies, which was considered a sure sign of the demons possesion, and the thirteen years old girl was placed in the monastery. To save the soul and the body of a young girl has been called Father Cayetano. Between them appears a mutual passion – young people are under the power of a demon, which is stronger than the faith and any reason. Starring Jordi Dauder who also played in Películas para no dormir Regreso a Moira movie

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