Justine: Seduction of Innocence 1996

Justine: Seduction of Innocence 1996

Directed by: Lev L. Spiro

Actors: Daneen Boone, Timothy Di Pri, Jennifer Behr

Language: English

Country: France, Ireland, Netherlands

Also known as: Justine 3 – Buddhan jalokivi, Justine – Inocencia perdida, Justine – Verführte Unschuld

Description: Not managed to Professor Paul Robeson, teacher of the Academy of Topography, praise Justine for her knowledge of history, as in the girl’s life began a period of new adventures. Justine was kidnapped and began to pry her visit in Egypt, Russia, the Arctic and other corners of the globe.

The girl still held firmly, and soon beside her lay next victim interrogation villains – the Professor Robson. The kidnappers acted skillfully, to violence is not reached, Yes, and stolen were very talkative…

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