My First Sin / Mi Primer Pecado 1977

My First Sin / Mi Primer Pecado 1977

Directed by: Manuel Summers

Actors: Curro Martín Summers, Beatriz Galbó, José Rodríguez

Language: Spanish

Country: Spain

Also known as: Mi primer pecado, La primera experiencia, Az első kísértés, Charlie and the Hooker

Description: The film tells the story of young boys and girls singing in the church’s choir in a small Spanish town.

Review: Great Spanish cinema mid 70-x. The film was shown at the Moscow International Festival of the non-competitive show. The plot is pretty interesting, tells about the young teenagers in the church choir in a small Spanish town. The guys are going through a period of time in turning their young men have concerned female. One of the characters falls in love with a local beauty well past 25, and she has a lover …

The main character is trying to annoy him at loggerheads with the girl ……. At the end of the film the hero still seeking sympathy from the beauty but at what price he does … Better to see this movie (maybe somewhere you can find it). Film does not leave to be indifferent looks at one go.

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