Leslie, My Name is Evil 2009

Leslie, My Name is Evil 2009

Directed by: Reginald Harkema

Actors: Peter MacNeill, Gregory Smith, Ryan Robbins

Language: English

Country: CANADA

Also known as: Manson Girl, Leslie – Il mio nome è il male, Manson, My Name Is Evil

Description: I think many have heard of Charlie Manson. He has a lot of fans, but I’m not one of them. Despite the fact that the fan of the majority of “those people.” But this “majority” of the motives, something has pushed them to the path of crime, they can express sympathy. Who is Charles? The patient hippies, but still, however, an interesting personality. He’s pretty charismatic “arm” people. Together with his “family”, he became known as the “Hollywood maniac.” And now, every day in prison he gets a strong “punches” from his fellow inmates.

A famous for our patient hippies that killed Sharon Tate, she’s a girl Polaskisa Roman, a famous director. What is surprising, this “family” was invited to the show and take a different interview them. About them write books, make movies, and comics have not painted (nothing, all in front). Perhaps that’s all it is the cause of my interest in Manson’s personality, he’s a really interesting specimen.

That’s one of the films of Charlie. And what is he? Manson is doing here, it’s practically a movie about him. Besides, if I did not know him I would not have understood why he was arrested. Kill our hippies are almost never commit, committed one murder, but it was over, there you have it. A couple of clever ideas, he still expressed (have something), and a successful actor picked up on his part.

Well, as a “family”? And here they are like gypsies, honestly. They do not pull on the clan ready to fight for each other, well, for his master Charlie. I just want to point out that the role of women in the Manson girls chose very well. They are designed and film, you can tell.

Yes, and perfectly capture the style of the 60s, really. The courtroom also came out beautiful. Many references to the culture of America in those years, in general, eye candy, great direction, but sluggish script.

In general, if you want to see a movie about the adventures of Manson’s have a look “Heltek Skelter.” And this picture better get round in my opinion. Why write-neutral? A great directing and beautiful girl, nothing more to add, the script destroys all the efforts of the crew.

What you will get by watching “Leslie – My Name is Evil” movie:

A Kinder, Gentler, Canadian Natural Born Killers
Manson Freaks Will Flip At Historical Inaccuracies
Juror looks like John Waters Just To Piss Him Off?
Psychedelic Dream Sequence

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