Blood 2004

Blood 2004

Directed by: Jerry Ciccoritti

Actors: Emily Hampshire and Jacob Tierney

Language: English

Country: Canada

Also known as:

Description: When I was actually thirteen i stumbled upon a pulp book called Doctor Tin. There is a scene in part 2 of that novel that flippantly begins with the protagonist being uncuffed from a bath tub where he was offering as “toilet slave” for a celebration for the night. That book transformed my entire life, or at least crimped it in a few unique directions. Blood is founded on a level play written by Tom Walmsley, author of Doctor Tin. Here in Canada, he is to theater what David Cronenberg is to film (though he is clearly not as popular).

This movie was directed by Jerry Ciccoritti who is also known for his vampire movie Graveyard Shift, made in 1987

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