Better Than Chocolate 1999

Better Than Chocolate 1999

Directed by: Anne Wheeler

Actors: Wendy Crewson, Karyn Dwyer, Christina Cox and Marya Delver

Language: English

Country: Canada

Also known as: Maggie & Lila, Bättre än choklad, Méz és csokoládé, Meilleur que le chocolat

Description: Maggie has just changed her studies at the Faculty of Law to work in a bookstore. Life goes on, but then she falls in love with a street artist Kim. Suddenly comes her mother Maggie, who divorced with her husband and did not believe in happiness. Soon she meets a girlfriend – transsexual Judy, who helps her to reinvent herself. Maggie has to hide her feelings from mother to Kim. But life forces her to make a choice – to lose the love of her mother, or to admit that she is a lesbian …

Review: This is a film about people who follow his heart, and therefore they do everything wholeheartedly and with feelings. If they want to sing, they sing, if they like to draw, they paint, no claim to genius. Just for fun, for self-expression. They love those who want to love. They are what they are. And mom Maggie, getting in their company, in the end realize it, accept it, and her life becomes more joyful.

If you have a relationship with a non-conventional attack does not begin acute homophobia, and you can see them just a relationship, just sincere feelings, the movie you are looking for.

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