Nene 1977 Sweet Adolescents

Nene 1977 Sweet Adolescents

Directed by: Salvatore Samperi

Actors: Alberto Cancemi, Leonora Fani, Rita Savagnone

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Also known as: Sweet Adolescents, Nene: Proto hadi… proti anatrihila

Description:First love is never forgotten. The action takes place in Catholic Italy 40s. This is the story of awakening the first sexual feelings of Ju, in love with his devoid of complexes cousin Nene. With the help of her Ju learns what sex is and finds answers to the deepest questions. Finally, he felt himself a man, but when he finds him in the company Nene and her lover mulatto, it takes quite a different turn…

Review: Italy, 1948. Just three years ago the war ended, most people live in poverty and difficult, pre-war time is like a «Golden age»in which you will want to return from the poverty… Entourage movie Salvatore Samperi forces to recollect the works of the Italian neo-whose creative heritage he shamelessly exploited in Sweet Adolescents. But the movie, he removes not about the poor in Italy, and not the notorious «simple man. He is interested in the process of maturing, point, after which the little man is parting with childhood – irrevocably. And now, this moment, this kind of «intermediate» death he tries to catch the lens and dry decomposed… But it turns out. And thank the gods! Stop a moment’s impossible, you cannot remain a child forever. And the film is not subservient to its Creator, breaking away from his hands, refusing to answer the questions posed and living its own life. As it should be with a good movie.

14-year-old Nene comes from Milan in a small Italian town to see his uncle. The war had cost her unfriendly: her mother is German was interned and sent to Germany, and the father of three years later caught up with the consequences of the injury, and he dies in the hospital. In her new family is in the company of their cousins and sisters, that a few years younger. But if a girl sees a new relative indifference, then a small Yu – with great interest. And his eyes Director shows the awakening of women in the girl. She, while still quite a child, willing to take part in childhood pastimes Yu and PA, but in the evenings it already covers vague desire something else. While the adults, stricken fallen down on their heads teenager, busy with their own problems, kid Yu is devoted almost adults secrets of his sister. Naturally, his notion of what is «good» and «bad» is very relative, the more that huddling together with parents in the tiny house, he, together with his sister, Willy-nilly is aware of their intimate life. But becoming a representative in Affairs of the heart Nene he also unwittingly sending his child directly related to the problems of gender.

A chance encounter with a mysterious young mulatto living in the ruins of an abandoned Villa is for Nene arrow pierced through her heart. But her psyche remains through child, no different from the psyche Yu, who enthusiastically joins in the new game, not understanding its essence nor rules. He does not yet know that the result of this game is its friend, the girl Nene die, and instead she would have grown man with very different feelings, other understanding of morality, another responsibility. And this other man so frighten him that his only reaction to the new Nene will be desperate cry: «don’t want to be an adult!». That’s the only life doesn’t choose whom and when to part with childhood.

Actually, Salvatore Sempere (director of Malizia 2000 and Ernesto) told a simple story, similar to that which could tell many. It is no grain more drama, no tragic break, no moralizing. There is only a sad statement of fact way or another, and that childhood ends sooner or later. Another thing is that movie puts a sign of equality between growing up and revival of sexuality, while ignoring all other components of the emerging personality… Well, what you do, Freud among the creative intelligentsia was and still is at a premium. In General picture of the world, drawn by the eyes of a child is very convincing

But that film really interfere – this erotic scene involving that 14-year-old girl plays 23-year-old Leonora Fani… And plays extremely unconvincing ” too large age difference between her and her character. Moreover, the scene perfectly free it was possible to remove from a tape, limiting hints – but whether in the 70s Italians do not imagine cinema without erotica, or even why, but done as done. So that the viewer has to myself a fair amount of effort to associate the actress with her a heroine. However, it is perhaps the only thing that can be put Salvatore Sempere of reproach…

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