Palácio de vênus 1980 Palace of venus

Palácio de vênus 1980 Palace of venus

Directed by: Ody Fraga

Actors: Arlindo Barreto, Sérgio Boldrin, Wilson Bonifácio

Country: Brazil

Also known as: Palácio de Vênus

Description:Palácio de Vênus (Palace of Venus)

To satisfy her costumers, an owner of a luxuruior bordello does whatever it takes. but the place’s eficiency is threataned when the most desirable of its ladies decides to quit. The owner set a diabloical plot to keep the girl working.

One of prolific director/screenwriter Ody Fraga most wanted films.

It’s like socialism coming into pornochanchada. Not ony the film stars some of the greates actresses of the genre (Helena Ramos, Neida Ribeiro, Matilde Mastrangi, among others) but it also had some problems with censorship when released. Not because all nudity and sex situation, but due to its theme.

Anyawy, it’s early 80’s Brazilian softcore. Although porn was not allowed in Brazil, it was already a reality, so the producers had to be daring and the actresses went on very fine. Thanks God!

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