Melissa P aka 100 Escovadas Antes de Dormir 2005

Melissa P aka 100 Escovadas Antes de Dormir 2005

Directed by: Luca Guadagnino

Actors: Maria Valverde, Letizia Ciampa, Primo Reggiani

Country: Italy

Also known as: 100 Escovadas Antes de Dormir

Description: A few years ago in Italy was published a novel with a fancy title, “comb your hair a hundred times before go to bed”. And became an instant bestseller, despite the odd name, the lack of a powerful advertising and unknown author’s name on the cover – Melissa Panarello. And all because the author was a young girl from Sicily, which has taken as the basis of the book her private diaries.

Gentle and shocking, touching and sensual, scandalous, but poetic – Melissa revelations about her transformation from nymphet to a woman, the first erotic experiences and sexual experiences made ​​a splash in Europe, causing critics to call the novel “Lolita» of XXI century “. And now this amazing book takes on a new life – in the format of a full-length movie Melissa P. …

Review: “Melissa” is a movie for teenagers. It touched the eternal problem of teenagers aged 13-16 years. The heroine (Maria Valverde from Cracks) is looking for herself, trying to confront a world of their own, experiencing family conflict, quarrels with friends. And, of course, knows first sex. Followed by a whole series of her sexual adventures.

Inexperienced, naive girl gets into ridiculous situations, but gradually comes to enjoy and begin to live vibrant sex life – to have sex with anyone he wants, proving to themselves and others their “maturity.”

Melissa is not stupid. She was unhappy. Unhappy in its own. Others do not hear it, do not understand what’s going on in her heart. She feels that her body is changing, it feels great but talk about their little joys and tribulations she was not with anyone.

Melissa’s mother is deaf. She lives in a world where everyone around happy because they did not notice the suffering of loneliness her daughter.

Film exactly like teenage audience, people from 13 to 18. An adult does not understand what is going through heroin, and those with transitional age in full swing, or just over, it will be interesting to know the unusual world of Melissa and everything about her sex life.

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