Oscura Seduccion 2010

Oscura Seduccion 2010

Directed by: Walter Doehner

Actors: Elizabeth Cervantes, Julio Bekhor, Marco Antonio Treviño

Country: Mexico

Also known as: Oscura Seduccion (Mexico; original title), Dark Seduction

Description: Laura is a very successful plastic surgeon that finds an antidote to her loneliness in her own clinic: Gustavo, a young intern already infatuated with her. The relationship develops based on the desire they both have, having sex at all hours at work. But when he needs to change into her apartment, the sex becomes a method for him to control her as he becomes jealously obsessed. She must throw him out as things become maniac at home and at work, and that is when he reveals himself as the psychopath he always was.

Review: Elizabeth Cervantes has a great body and is not shy to show it, so that will help compensate the constraint story telling of this domestic thriller. It is a TV movie that shows it, without real imagination to compose the scenes or risk something other than a very schematic flow. More erotic than thriller, so once again, just download it for Elizabeth Cervantes.

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