Red Hot in Bed (1972) Harlis

Red Hot in Bed (1972) Harlis

Directed by: Robert van Ackeren

Actors: Mascha Rabben, Gabriele Lafari, Ulli Lommel

Language: German

Country: West Germany

Also known as: Mustasukkaisuuden tango, Red Hot in Bed, Akraia erotiki periptosi, Harlis, i lesvia, La ragazza di notte, Amor Entre Mulheres, Harlis, Amor entre Mulheres, The Sensuous Three, Eine Handvoll Zärtlichkeit

Description: Somewhat icy black comedy by Robert van Ackeren, the director of Woman in Flames and THE VENUS TRAP. Not exactly a great film – and suffering once again from all the petit theatre mannerisms which seem to have been so dear to its director – but fairly oddball in many places and surprisingly unpleasant, considering the premise. Also, this is pretty much an actor’s piece and one look at the cast should convice you that as such, it could hardly disappoint. Rolf Zacher as Lommel’s psychotic weirdo brother and Gabriele Lafari as Mascha Rabben’s lover are particularly enjoyable to watch.

Review: This is a rare-as-hell English language movie of Robert van Ackeren’s Ernst Lubitsch-prize-winning kraut cult camp classic “Harlis” (1972) AKA “The Sensuous Three.” Since this has never been released in the U.S. (nor with English subs), this is the only way English-language-speakers will be able to watch this rare film. Unfortunately, this features hardcoded Swedish subs, which is a small price to pay to see this film.

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