Byzantine Blue (1993) Vizantijsko Plavo

Byzantine Blue (1993) Vizantijsko Plavo

Directed by: Dragan Marinkovic

Actors: Lazar Ristovski, Katarina Zutic, Uliks Fehmiu

Language: Serbian

Country: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Also known as: Byzantine Blue

Description: Vizantijsko plavo is a Serbian movie based on the short stories of Milorad Pavic, one of Europe’s premier writers. The movie must be understood in highly symbolical mode. Even though the movie has some clever “down-to-earth” plotting for less aspiring audience.

Leading stars are Lazar Ristovski and Katarina Zutic and their performance is impressive. Also, soundtrack is magnificent, composed and performed by R. M. Tocak, one of the last surviving progressive rock artists and great guitarists. I almost forgot, photography of this movie is just great.

Vizantijsko plavo is a must for philosophy oriented audience. This movie is all abut the “close encounter” of East and West and it is highly underrated. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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