Zelda (1974)

Zelda (1974)

Directed by: Alberto Cavallone

Actors: Debebe Eshetu, Franca Gonella and James Harris

Language: Spanish

Country: Italy

Also known as:

Description: Henry and Zelda are a couple with peculiar sexual tastes. In order to have more freedom, they send their daughter Ingrid to study in a school away from home. They have a relationship with Ursula, but after some time, when they get tired of her, they involve Christian and his wife Clarissa in their erotic games. When Ingrid comes to spend some time home, her presence becomes the catalyst of profound transformations Excellent obscure Cavallone’s Masterpiece.

Review: Alberto Kavallone considered “Zelda” most unfortunate by the film, and perhaps rightly so, given that the story, the plot and the style of narration as two peas similar to the previous film director’s “Africa.” Because of what the picture looks like frank samoplagiatom. Whether the author at the time had a sudden crisis of ideas, or was in a kind of crossroads, which overcame his next film, “Man, Woman and Beast”, standing under the banner of the Surrealists, but the fact remains. “Zelda” maestro frankly failed. No, of course, if it were not for “Africa”, and this film could be seen as a kind of artistic experiment of one of the most extraordinary directors of Italian Cinema 70, but the two taken as a carbon film – this is a little too much. Are the results obtained as a result of the experience, entitled “Africa” ​​Kavallone not satisfied and decided to repeat it in other decorations?

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