The Diary 2 (1999)

The Diary 2 (1999)

Directed by: Nicolas Weber

Actors: Lila Baumann, Jason Davies, Kirsty Smith

Country: France | Germany

Also known as: Tagebuch der lust, Teil 2; Cahiers intimes 2


Wonderful women, really nice film. Lila Baumann is therefore sexy, and information technology changes from other people films of that sort, generally too stupid. Women are usually gorgeous and sex scenes are very nice and smart. Music is also nice, with a lot of piano. It’s uncommon with this type of film to not be ridiculous whenever the story takes spot in the past, but this movie succeed to replicate the 30’s, between the two world war, between Paris and London. The physicians is quite Machiavelli to replace the heroin and steel the cash or her spouse. Director is good, he made a really sensual film. I regret that Lila Baumann hasn’t make other films, she was marvelous, and I also will never forgot her.I search it on web. Please assist me. An for the others “The diary” too.

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