Libidine (1979)

Libidine (1979)

Directed by: Raniero di Giovanbattista

Actors: Luigi Casellato, Cinzia De Carolis and Marina Hedman

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Also known as: Lust

Description of Libidine movie: Starring Marina Hedman, who also played in With Aunt It’s Not a Sin film. A graduate of the closed Catholic school Anna returns to the father. But it is not up to his daughter’s nothing to do. Classic «crazy scientist», he dedicates all her time to the study of snakes, through which it hopes to receive the miracle drug, prolonging life. But other members of the household: assistant Professor, the Butler and even stepmother – did not averse to get to the beautiful body of a young girl. This «pigsty» remains absolutely helpless. However, defender of desperately guarding his innocence Anna soon – some insanely poisonous snakes, smuggled delivered to the laboratory of the scientist, to penetrate to the girl tender feelings, and begins to hunt its enemies…

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