So Sweet So Perverse (1969) Cosi dolce cosi perversa

So Sweet So Perverse (1969) Cosi dolce cosi perversa

Title: So Sweet… So Perverse
Year: 1969
Original title: Così dolce… così perversa
Runtime: 1 hour 33 minutes
Country: Italy | France | West Germany
Genre: Mystery | Thriller | Giallo

Director: Umberto Lenzi


Carroll Baker … Nicole Perrier
Jean-Louis Trintignant… Jean Reynaud
Erika Blanc … Danielle Reynaud
Horst Frank … Klaus
Helga Liné … Helene Valmont
Ermelinda De Felice … Hotel proprietor
Giovanni Di Benedetto …Monsieur Valmont
Irio Fantini … Party guest
Dario Michaelis … Police commissioner
Renato Pinciroli … Porter
Gianni Pulone … Press photographer
Lucio Rama … Party guest
Paola Scalzi … Helene’s friend
Luigi Sportelli … Party guest
Beryl Cunningham… Black stripper

Plot / Synopsis

Jean (Jean-Louis Tritignant) and Danielle’s relationship is not what it was. While still married they lead somewhat separate lives dominated by ennui; “It keeps getting harder and harder to feel excited,” as Jean remarks prior to what proves to be a dispassionate, dissatisfying and above all thoroughly routine and businesslike affair with another of their circle, Helene Valmont (Helga Line).
One evening soon thereafter Jean is disturbed by noise coming from the apartment above. Going to investigate – (not) coincidentally he has both a dropped ear-ring to return and a key to the apartment, which Danielle was thinking of also renting – he encounters their new neighbour, Nicole (Carroll Baker) with whom he soon becomes infatuated.
Though Jean’s feelings are genuine, its also perhaps the sense of excitement which the presence of her sadistic, possessive ex-boyfriend Klaus (Horst Frank) brings to the relationship and the opportunity it affords for him to play the hero
Indeed, it then transpires that Danielle (Erica Blanc) and Nicole have themselves conspired against Jean, Klaus being the hitman hired to murder him. But, after Klaus has apparently fatally stabbed Jean – crucially neither we nor the women, whilst present at the scene, actually witness this fatal blow – and pitched his car over a cliff to leave a horribly burnt corpse for Danielle to (mis)identify for the police as that of her husband, the intrigue deepens still further, with little ultimately proving to be as it seems…

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