K3: Prison Of Hell 2009

K3: Prison Of Hell 2009

Directed by: Andreas Bethmann

Stars: Andreas Bethmann, Bianca-Germany and Thomas Goldmann

Language: German | Subtitles: English

Country: Germany | Imdb Info

Description: Prison of Hell follows three girls who attempt to escape an island-based prison complex known as K3. One girl is the plaything of the female Head Warden; who uses her for hew own twisted lesbian kicks. The other is a defiant young inmate who the prison doctor and Sub Warden use to star in porn films. Our final Dillinger is the prison therapist, Jennifer. She is fed up with the atrocities being committed by the staff, like fisting a virgin prisoner and the doctor giving vaccinations via blowjobs. This is 100% pure exploitation gold, and if you don’t like hardcore too much, but love gore; see this! The last half hour is worth the price alone; and this is easily my favorite Bethmann film.

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